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From small repairs to major storm damage we cover all repairs at Hickory Roof. We offer quick and quality service with roof repairs. Our team is experienced, hardworking and fast, leaving a quality roof on your home for years to come. 


How long are shingles good for?

Shingles are usually good for anywhere from 20 - 25 years.

Will insurance pay for my home to receive a new roof?

Yes. If your roof has hail or storm damage your insurance may cover the cost of a new roof.

How can I get an estimate on a new roof or a repair?

Call us at 828 358 0494 for a free estimate on replacement or repairs.

Why does my roof look shinny?

If your roof looks shinny it is probably because you have fiberglass showing through wornout shingles.

Why do some of my shingles look like there is a bump underneath them?

This is normally a roofing nail which has raised up causing a bump under the shingle.

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